Website Design – Getting Started…

I’m glad you’re interested in bringing your businesss online! It’s become nearly a neccessity to be online as a business of any size. I’m here to help make the process of getting online as simple as possible for you. Go ahead and review what I need from you to get started below!

getting started with website design

Fill out my pre-design form.

Sign up for SiteGround to purchase domain + hosting.

Record SiteGround login details.

Share the login details through this link.

Once Completed…


I'll send you a quote and design plan.

After completing all the above requirements, I’ll put together a quote and design plan for your website and shoot it over to you through email.


Approve or request changes to the quote or design plan.

Once you approve the quote and design plan, you will sign a simple smart contract to ensure we’re both protected and accounable for the agreements made.


I begin building your site.

Finally, once everything is completed, I’ll begin the hard work of putting together your site. It’s important you take the time to fill out the pre-design form as this is where I will recieve most of the information needed to begin building your site.

Stay in connected through the whole project.

I’ll keep you updated through out the entire web design process. You will recieve updates as your site progresses. Patience is key, I know you’re excited to see your new website, but there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that must be done to ensure you walk away with an attractive, effective, and fully functional website!

Projects can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on the complexity and content requirements.

Going digital has never been more important.

Grow your audience.

Share your products + services.

Inform + educate customers.

Connect with the world.

Get started working with Dorran today.

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