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Tee Shirts

  • 100% Non-Vegan
  • 69% Original
  • 100% Child Labor-Free (90% certainty)
  • Good Quality Sh!t
  • Made for Winners
  • Not for Communists


Hoodies are coming soon. They’re thick. They’re warm. They’re soft. They’re f-ing awesome. 

Dad Hats

Dad hats are so versatile. Bad cut? Dad hat. Growing out the luscious locks? Dad hat. Want to avoid eye contact with that overly-talkative neighbor? Dad hat.

All Products

All products are designed by myself, Dorran. Using premium quality materials and the best printing professionals, I’ve created sentimental clothing pieces for not only myself but anyone else who wishes to support my work.

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Maybe you have a question about an order or a product, or shipping, or maybe you just want to know how I make such kick ass chocolate chip cookies. Whatever your needs, go ahead and send me an email and me or a team member will get back to you ASAP.

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